Stainless Steel Fasteners for Various Industries

As the leading stainless steel fasteners manufacturer, we have more than 500 happy clients, and we service for solar industry, food equipments industry,pump and valve industry, petrochemical industry and building construction.

We not only supply standard screws and nuts, also give and support each client for fasteners solutions. We have high-precision CNC equipments and turning eqiupments to provide customers with reasonable solutions.

Fasteners for Solar Mounting System

Hanger Bolts

Hanger Bolts with 3 pcs of Flange Nuts and 1 pc of EPDM Washer. Stainless steel A2-70, Passivation and Waxing.

Socket Screw with fixing Washer

Allen Socket Screws DIN912, serration under head, the flat washer locked at the neck of screw. Stainless Steel A2-70.

T Head Screw

T- Head Screws, M8x20, Profil 28/15, Stainless steel A2-70, Precote with NRCC reactive clamping.

Bi - Metal Self Tapping Screw

Bi - Metal Self Tapping Screw, Allen socket Head, Bi-metal (304+ST S45C), Seal: SS 304 + EPDM Washer,Nickel Strike.

Combi Screws

Allen socket cap head with flange self tapping screws, Stainless steel A2-70, self tapping thread.

Thread Plate

Thread Plate Nuts, TP20-15, M8, work with DIN912 allen socket stainless screws. thickness with 5mm.