Stainless Steel Hex Head Bolts

Stainless steel hex head bolts are the bolts with an external flat hexagon head and the shank of the bolt with partially threading, conforming to DIN 931.

DIN931 stainless steel hex head bolts are reduced shank bolts, when cold forming, the diameter of the threaded part to be formed is smaller than that of the shank.

Stainless Steel Hex Head Bolts With Nuts

A2/A4 Stainless Steel Hex Head Bolts need to work with the nuts and washers. used to fasten the connection of two parts with through holes. this form of connection is called bolt connection. if the nuts from the bolt to spin down, and can make the two parts separate, so the bolt connection is a removable connection.

Stainless steel hexagonal bolts need to installed with stainless steel flat wahers and stainless steel spring washer , when it works under a certain intensity of working environment. if you want to achieve a very good anti-loosening effect, you can use hex nolyc nuts to replace the hex stainless nuts.

Stainless Steel Flat Washer

Stainless Steel Spring Washer

Stainless Steel Hex Nut

Stainless Steel Hex Head Bolts Application

304 or 316 Stainless Steel Hex Head Bolts are widely used in various industrial equipment,building structures, transportation tools,fuiniture and other fields. for example, in highly corrosive environments such as chemical plants,oil platforms, ships, bridges, and high-rise buildings, the use of stainless hex bolts can ensure the firmness and safety of the connection parts.

Stainless hex head bolts have a certain resistance to air, water, acid and several other media corrosion ability. so in environmental protection equipment, medical equipment,communications equipment, power facilities, petrochemical industry, ship assembly, pumps, valves and piplines, open-air ossasions, etc. play a role in the application.

Constuction Industry

Hex head stainless steel bolts used in the construction indsutry for fixing and supporting strucures, such as steel strucures, reinforces concrete structures, aluminum profiles and so can play the role of connecting and fixing to ensure the stability and safety of the whole building.

Machinery industry

Machinery industry needs to use a large number of screws to fix a variety of equipment,  Stainless steel bolts are widely used in high-temperature, as agricultural machinery, high-pressure environment of machinery manufacturing due to its high corrosion resistance and strong tensile properties.

Automotive industry

Automobiles require a large number of stainless steel hex bolts to fix various components, such as the engine, chassis, body and interior.In automobile manufacturing, stainless steel screws are able to withstand large loads and vibrations, thus ensuring the overall safety and stability of the car.

DIN 931 Sizes Chart

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