Stainless Steel T Bolts

Stainless steel T bolts are common fasteners widely used in photovoltaic mounting systems. Its shape is similar to the English letter ‘T’, hence its name.

Stainless T Head Bolts With Nuts and Washers

A stainless T bolt can be directly put into the aluminum profile slot, in the installation process, it can automatically locate the locking, which is the standard matching connector when installing corner pieces, according to the profile slot width and different series of profiles to choose to use.

Stainless T bolt consists of a head and a rod, the head is usually flat, and the front of the head is similar to a rectangular shape, where the two diagonal into a substantial round, in order to facilitate the safety of side embedded and rotating installation in the aluminum C profile. The shank is usually fully threaded, but can also be produced with half threads if required.

Stainless Steel Hammer Bolts

M10 Stainless T Bolts

M8 A2-70 T Screws

Characteristics Of Stainless Hammer Screws

A2-70 stainless steel T bolts are characterised by high load-carrying capacity and tensile strength, which can exceed 700MPA, and good corrosion resistance in offshore projects due to the high-quality characterized stainless steel material.

Due to its unique shape, stainless steel T-bolts can be easily used with stainless steel nuts and stainless steel washers, which can better distribute the load and reduce stress concentration. 

In addition, T-bolts have good shock resistance and can be used in vibration and shock environments.

In conclusion, the stainless steel T-bolt is a very practical fastener with high load capacity, high corrosion resistance, high tensile strength and seismic performance, perfectly adapted to the fastening project of the photovoltaic racking system

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A2-70 Hammer Bolts
Stainless Steel Hammer Bolts
A2-70 Stainless T Bolts

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