Stainless Steel Bolts

A2 (304), A4 (316), Stainless Bolts

Stainless Bolts produced as DIN or ASTM  standard, Items with all sizes in stock for fast delivery.

Stainless Bolts A2 SS Carriage Bolts

A2-70 Carriage Stainless Bolts

SS Carrige Stainless Bolts DIN 603 A2-70 or A4-80, From Size M5 to M20.
A2 Allen Head SS bolts

A4-70 Allen Head Bolts

Allen Socket Head Stainless Bolts with material SS SUS304 or SUS 316.
A2 Hex bolts

316 Hexagon Bolts

Hexagon Cap Bolts DIN931,partial thread, SS 304, 316 or Duplex Steel.
Stainless Bolts A2 Flange Bolts

A4-80 Flange Bolts

SS Flange Bolts DIN6921 , Serration or without Serration, Grade A2-70 or A4-80
Stainless Bolts A2 U Bolts

304 316 U Bolts

U type SS bolts, worked for tubes together with washers and nuts.
a2 stainless hanger screw self tapping

SS Hanger Bolts

A2-70 hanger bolt with 3 DIN6923 SS flange nuts and EPDM washer
M10 Stainless T Bolts

T Head Bolts

T Head Stainless Steel Bolts M8 and M10 are used well for mounting systems.

Types of Stainless olts

DIN603 304 or 316 Square Neck Half Round Head Carriage Bolts, Supply grade A2-70 with material SS304 and A4-80 with material SS316. Fixed for wood construction with stainless steel flat washer and stainless steel nut.

DIN912 allen socket cap head bolts with partial thread, the cap head surface with knurling. made in stainless steel material SS304 and SS316.

DIN931 304 or 316 half thread bolts, our size from M5 to M100, the super long length are available and customized. Grades are A2-50, A2-70, A4-70 and A4-80.

DIN 6921 304 or 316 flange bolts, under the flange head with serration or without serration are available for us. full thread or partial thread are accepted.

DIN 3570 U type bolts with nyloc stainless steel nuts or hex stainless steel nuts, and stainless steel flat washers cover and fixing for pipe industry. We also customize U-Bolts with a square bottom, which are unsed in the construction industry for square timber.

Hanger bolt is a stud screw with hex head, two differenct thread types, one is machine thread, another is wooden thread. fixed by 3 x stainless steel flange nuts and one EPDM washer.