Stainless Steel Spring Washers

Stainless steel spring washers are ring made of stainless steel with an opening, and the two ends at the opening are staggered up and down. Because of this staggered opening, the ring has elasticity, mainly preventing the nut from loosening.

Spring Washers with Bolts

Spring Washers With Hex Nuts

Spring Washers with Falt Washers

Stainless Steel Spring Washers Advantages

The anti loosening principle of spring washers is that after flattening the spring washer, the spring washer will generate a continuous elastic force, which will maintain a frictional force between the threaded connection pair of the nut and the bolt, generating a resistance torque to prevent the nut from loosening. 

At the same time, the sharp corners at the opening of the spring washer are embedded into the surface of the bolt and the connected part respectively, thereby preventing the bolt from rotating relative to the connected part.

When spring washers are used in conjunction with bolts and nuts, the nut presses against the washer. As the nut is gradually tightened, the spiral shaped washer is slowly flattened, and there is always a rebound force inside the flattened spring washer. When the external pressure is less than the internal rebound force of the spring. 

 That spring washer tends to change towards restoring its original shape, due to the presence of internal rebound force in the spring, when the bolt is slightly loose. Spring washers can compensate for the loss of bolt preload to a certain extent.

We can see from the shape of the spring washer opening that when the nut is tightened, the sharp edge of the spring washer opening closely fits with the nut end face and the contact surface of the connected part. If the contact surface between the nut and the connected part is relatively soft. 

When the nut is tightened, the sharp edge of the spring washer will be embedded into the surface of the connected part or the nut end face. When the nut is turned counterclockwise, the sharp edge of the spring washer will be embedded deeper and deeper, preventing this counterclockwise rotation and preventing loosening

DIN127B Stainless Steel Spring Washer Size Chart

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