Stainless Coupling Nuts

Stainless Coupling Nuts also known as extra thick stainless steel nuts, they are fasteners that connec two parts with external threads. coupling nuts can be hex or round, the round type is also called pipe nut.

If there is a requirement for positioning on the coupling nuts, we can also do service as drilling the hole on the stainless coupling nuts.

Stainless Coupling Nuts Advantages

First, Connection fixing:

SS long nuts can be used in occasions where longer connections are required, such as connecting gears,hubs,bearings and other components, which cn prevent the connecting parts from falling off and improve the reliability and stablility of the connection. due to the longer length of the nut, the length of the threaded joint can be increased, thus increacing the load carrying capacity and seismic capacity of the connection.

Second, Height adjustment:

Stainless long nuts can also be used to adjust the height, for example, in the case of needing to adjust the height of the support point of the mechanical equipment, by adding long nuts to adjust the height, so as to make the equipment run more smoothly and stably.

Third, Compensation of differences:

In the mechanical assembly, due to the manufacturing erro, wear and expansion of the parts, there will be some differences, the coupling nut can be used to compensate for these differences, so that the connection is more reasonable and close.

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Long Nuts for Rods

Coupling Nuts for Bolts

Features of Our SS Coupling Nuts

3D Length

The thickness of standard stainless steel rod coupling  is produced according to the requirements of the production standard  at 3 times the diameter of the threads. we call it 3D. different thread sizes produce differenct lengths of nuts.

Customized Thickness

Due to the different environments, the standard length of coupling nuts cannot meet the needs of customers, we prove stainless long nuts length customized services.

Connect Reducer

The ss long nuts can be produced with two different inner diameter to connect two thread parts with different thread diameter. also be positioned in a variety of ways, either as a circular through-hole or as a pressure point. all customized positioning needs are available with us.

Stainless Steel Long Nuts DIN6334 Size Chart

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