Stainless Steel Washers

A2 (304), A4 (316), Stainless Steel Washers

Stainless steel washers, Flat washer and spring washer, Grade A2 or A4, DIN125A, DIN9021/ ISO 7093, DIN127/DIN128

Stainless Steel A2 SS Flat Washers

Stainless Flat Washers

Flat Washer Stainless Steel Grade A2/A4, Produced and punched as standard DIN125. extra thickness are available.

304 316 Fender Washers

ISO7093,DIN9021 304 316 fender washer, extra diameter flat washer, work togehter with full thread screw.

Stainless Spring Washers

DIN127 B 304 316 spring washer used together with flat washer, full thread bolt and hexagon nut.

A2 A4 Square Washers

A2 A4 Square Washers use for building construction,worked with bolts and screws.

Types of Stainless Steel Washers

DIN125 flat washer, hardness: 140HV, 140-250HV, 200HV,200-250HV, Grade A2 A4, F1,C1 and C4. Size from M3 to m36. Flat washers and bolts or screws with hexagon nuts for fastening. or it may be stuck in the head and neck of a bolt or screw as combination screw during production. called screw kits.

DIN 9021 big flat washers, same as standard ISO 7093-1, Hardness according to DIN267-11, 140HV,140-250HV. to increase the contact area, increase friction and prevent loosening. Grade A2 and A4.

DIN127B spring washers, the spring lock washer with square ends Type B. made in ss304 and ss316. work together with flat washer, hexagon nut and bolts or screws. strong rebound force prevents bolts from loosening.

DIN 439 square washers made by ss304 and ss316,because the thickness is slightly thicker, more tightening force can be applied.