Stainless Steel Fender Washers

stainless steel fender washers are mainly used in non-metallic parts to protect the surface of the material from loss of screws. Large flat sides are usually thicker and larger, supporting a larger area, so they are suitable for supporting large equipment and machines.

Features of Our Stainless Steel Fender Washers

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Prevent oxidation and corrosion

304 and 316 Fender Washers are made from high quality stainless steel plates, which can effectively prevent oxidation and corrosion. This type of washer can be used in harsh environments such as high temperature, high stainless steel washer humidity or highly corrosive media. Using  in these environments can extend the life of mechanical equipment and reduce the need for maintenance and component replacement.

Rods and Stainless Fender Washer Kit

Rods and Fender Washer Kit

To save construction and installation costs, we can produce a combination of stainless steel screws and ss fender washers. The washers are stuck at the neck of the screws and will not fall off.

Customized Stainless Fender Washer

Customized Size

Due to the special usage location, customers have a customized demand for ss fender washers. We produce various customized non-standard sizes of large diameter fender washers according to customer drawings. Reducing thickness or washer slotting can be obtained from us.

Stainless Steel Fender Washers Advantages

First, Load Capacity : Due to the much larger size of SS Fender Washers, the load capacity of large flat washer is greater than that of flat washer. Large flat washers are typically used for higher loads, while flat washers are typically used for lower loads.

Second, Seismic effect : SS Fender Washers have better shock resistance than flat washer because they have a larger surface area and greater elastic deformation, which can reduce vibration and improve stability.

Third, Sealing performance: Both flat and large flat stainless steel washers can be used for sealing, but for sealing applications that require higher compression performance, large flat ss washers are more suitable.

DIN9021 Stainless Steel Fender Washer Size Chart

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