Stainless Steel Cap Nuts

Stainless steel cap nuts are stainless steel hexagonal nut with a cap, the role of this cap is to fasten the outer exposed part of the cap, stainless steel cap nut has a strong resistance to pressure and more tightly closed.

Mainly used for large machinery exposed parts. Prevent external impurities, moisture or other corrosive substances into the inside so as to play a role in preventing rust, and thus improve its own as well as the use of connectors time.

At the same time, in some industrial machinery often in contact with the human body, usually choose stainless steel cover nut as a bolt capping, in order to reduce the mechanical damage to the human body.

Features of Stainless Steel Cap Nuts

No Ferrous Residue

Since stainless steel acorn nuts are nuts with blind holes, it is important that the chip removal be thorough during tap tapping. If there is any iron chip residue it will cause the installation to jam or not be installed properly.

Thread Depth

For special-purpose stainless steel dome nuts, we offer customized services for thread depth. Especially in the hydraulic machinery industry, to prevent leakage of liquids at high pressures, the required thread depth must be produced strictly in accordance with the construction requirements.

Flat End

The end of our stainless steel dome nuts are flat, smooth and burr-free. The tilt angle after installation is less than 2 degrees. They are fully capable of sealing at the end of the workpiece.

Stainless Steel Dome Nuts Advantages

First, not easy to loosen:

Stainless steel dome nut is two nuts cover each other, effectively increasing the pressure area of the nut, making it more solid, not easy to loosen. Therefore, stainless steel cap nuts are commonly used, especially for vibration, poor working conditions.

Second, beautiful and safe:

Compared with traditional nuts, stainless steel dome nuts have a more beautiful appearance. The top of the stainless steel cap nut is a large cover, not only to protect the workpiece to prevent the workpiece exposed damage to personnel, but also to play a role in beautifying and decorating. In some of the high aesthetic requirements of the occasion, stainless steel cover nut is a good choice.

Third, waterproof and dustproof:

304 stainless steel dome nuts can effectively prevent water, dirt and other impurities from entering the connection, preventing damage to related equipment. Therefore, stainless steel cap nuts are commonly used in automotive, machinery, electronics and other fields.

DIN1587 Stainless Steel Cap Nuts Size Chart

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