Stainless Steel Hanger Bolts

Stainless Steel Hanger Bolts with two differenct thread type, one is machine thread, another is wood thread. produced by stainless steel 304, used for solar mounting system, work together with 3pcs of stainless steel flange nuts with serration and one pc of EPDM washer.

Stainless Steel Hanger Bolts Feature

A2-70 Stainless Hanger Bolts are free burrs, and free lamps, and no other defects affecting their serviceability.

To fasten the stainless steel flange nuts with serration with 15Nm down to the end of the thread. Position the seal against the low surface of the flange nuts.

Per batch of stainless hanger bolts, we do tensile testing, included the test data as mechanical properties, stress, tensile load, tensile strenth,fel yield force, rel yield strench, strenching length and extended gauge dis.

EPDM washers are made from non-recycled materials and are guaranteed for warranty more than 15 years.

304 Hanger Screws

18-8 Stainless Hanger Bolts

Our stainless steel raw materials are supplied by certified big and well know manufacturers, and each batch of stainless steel wire is tested for composition by ourself.

304 Stainless Flange Nuts Serration

304 stainless steel flange nuts with serration DIN 6923, Grade A2-70, three pcs of SS nuts pre-installed on SS hanger bolts, two of the nuts are mounted opposite each other at the bottom.

EPDM Washer

Hardness of EPDM:60+/-7 HA, Density: 1.22+/-3%, Color:Black, Tensile: 8.25Mpa, Elongation:800%, Tear strength: 0.66/mm2, Compression Strength:-20%, Cold Reistance: -40d.

Drawing and Testing Report for Hanger Bolts

Stainless Steel Hanger Bolt Drawing

Drawing of hanger screws

We have a professional design team, for differenct project requirements of the stainless steel hange bolts, we will provide design drawings, from drawings to samples, we guarantee that within 7 working days to complete.

EN10204 3.1 Stainless Hanger Bolts

Mill test report for Stainless hanger bolts

After the bulk production, we provide EN10204 3.1 certificates for appearance to component dimensions and chemical composition according to the standard ISO3506-1 requirements and samples testing plan.

Tensile Testing Report for Hanger Screws

tensile testing report for hanger bolts

According to the A2-70 hanger bolts mechanical property requirements, we will carry out tensile testing on each batch of hanger  bolts, and  the test report shows the graph of tensile value and the record of various mechanical property values.

Get Free Samples of Stainless Steel Hanger Bolts

Free hanger bolt samples of three different sizes of each specification are available, just let us know which sizes are you interested.

If you need a quotation of a certificate for EN 10204 3.1, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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