Stainless Allen Head Bolts

Stainless Allen Head Bolts are of the cylindrical head type with a concave hexagonal center. there are two type of the head, knurled head and non-knurled head.Since stanless steel cap head bolts are partailly threaded, the effective threaded portion of the bolt has to be reducing diamter during cold forming.

DIN 912 or ISO4762 standard Stainless allen head bolts, also known as stainless steel cap head bolts or stainless steel socket head bolts. in fact, the name is not the same,the meadning is the same.

Stainless Cap head Bolts With Nuts and Washers

Stainless cap head bolts have a higher tensile strength than full thread bolts of the same size, due to their hank characteristic. generally assembled with stainless steel flat washers and stainless steel hex nuts to form a fastening effect.

To achieve a stronger anti-loosening effect, it is necessary to add a stainless steel spring washer, or replace the stainless steel hex nuts with stianless steel nyloc nuts or stainless steel flange nuts.

Stainless Steel Flat Washer

Stainless Steel Spring Washer

Stainless Steel Hex Nut

Stainless Allen Head Bolts Application

Stainless Allen Head Bolts generally used in machine tool equipment, chemical equipment, water pump, power equipment and other industries.

First of all, the hex shape of the head can better resist torsion and thus better withstand loads. therefore, hex socket head bolts are widely used in mechanical structure that require high-strength connections, such as the connection of engines and chassis of vehicles.

Secondly,stainless socket head bolts can be easily installed and removed using a hexagonal wrench. this is because the use of hex wrench not only allows for better handling of large torques, but also avoids the wear and tear of other tools on the head of bolts. in addition, the use of hex wrenches can drasically reduce working time and improve operatinal efficiency.

In addition, the hex socket shape of the head moves it away from the common square and hex shapes, which better meets the needs of installations in restricted place condistions. that is, the whole bolt head is suck inside of the workpiece, which can keep the surface of the workpiece flat and safety.

Mechanical equipment assembly

Stainless Allen Head Bolts are particularly suitable for mechanical equipment assembly due to the good fastening effect and high relability, such as the assemly of aviation engines and the assembly of complex mechanical parts.

Industrial production line

Hex socket cap head bolts are widely used in the antomated production process. it has the characteristics of anti-vibration and durability,not easy to loosen, good firmness,and is suitable for all kinds of industrial production lines, such as anutomated assembly lines.

Hi-Temperature and Hi-Vibration environment

Hexagon allen head ss bolts contain hex splines, making them very resistant to high termperature environments and high vibration environments, such as automobile axles, train braking systems, high-speed machinery and equipment.

DIN 912,ISO4762 Sizes Chart

What are the advantages of Stainless Allen Head Bolts?

The force area is large. The hexagonal holes of the Stainless Allen Head Bolts are cylindrical, and the wrench is not easy to slip out when the cross bar is used to tighten, while the ordinary cross or chair must be pressed from top to bottom while twisting For tightening, the inner hexagon should be used for bolts with greater force.

Hexagon socket allen head bolts are often used in machinery, mainly to facilitate fastening and disassembly. Allen wrenches are generally in the shape of a curved square with a 90-degree bend. One end of the bend is long and one short. When bolts are bolted with the short side, the long side can save a lot of force and fasten the bolts well. At the same time, the risk of slippage caused by the use of wrongly marked tools can be avoided.

It can be countersunk and is easy to install. The whole head of the hexagon socket head sinks to the inner surface of the workpiece, which can maintain the photochemistry and aesthetics of the surface of the workpiece. It is also suitable for many transfer occasions, such as narrow occasions. Therefore, assembly and maintenance are very convenient, and debugging is also simple and easy to operate.

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