Stainless Steel Eye Nuts

Stainless steel eye nuts commonly known as ring, are stainless steel nuts and stainless steel bolts screwed together. 

Used to play a fastening role in the parts, stainless steel ring in many production and manufacturing machinery are very widely used, stainless steel eye nut and stainless steel eye bolt is very similar, but the two functions are not the same, stainless steel ring nut is the use of the screw mouth is fixed, while the eye bolt is used to connect.

Stainless steel eye nuts are parts that connect mechanical equipment tightly together, through the inner threads, the same size stainless steel eye nuts and screws, in order to be connected together. Stainless steel eye nuts, often used in conjunction with externally threaded posts, lift a variety of equipment, such as molds, chassis, motors and so on.

Stainless Steel Eye Nuts Usage

Lifting and hoisting:

Stainless steel ring nuts are special screws that can be threaded onto lifting and hoisting equipment to facilitate the lifting and movement of objects. During the lifting process, the load bearing capacity of stainless steel ring nuts can help to ensure the safe lifting of objects and avoid accidents.

Mechanical equipment:

 Stainless steel lifting ring nuts are widely used in a variety of mechanical equipment and structures, such as bridges, mines, buildings, automotive industry, etc. In these occasions, stainless steel lifting ring nuts can effectively fix the objects to prevent loosening and falling off.

Stainless Steel Eye Nuts Installation

Right Size

There are different specifications and models of ss eye nuts, so you need to choose the right size according to the actual need before use. Pay attention to the bearing capacity and working environment of the stainless steel eye nut to ensure that the nut can work properly and avoid accidents.

Installation correctly

When installing the ss eye nut, it should be installed correctly and make sure that there is no loose object around the eye nut, otherwise it may cause the stainless steel eye nut to fall off. When removing the eye nuts, use proper tools such as pliers, wrenches, etc. to prevent damage to the nut.

Periodic Inspection

The ss eye nut needs to be inspected periodically to ensure that the threads and the nut itself are not damaged or worn. If any problems are found, the eye nut should be replaced promptly.

DIN582 SS Lifting Eye Nuts Size Chart

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