Stainless Steel Flange Nuts

Stainless steel flange nuts are hexagonal stainless steel nuts with a wide flange at one end, which can be used as a one-piece washer, this washer with serration, also known as a nut with pads, Flash nut with serration, hexagonal flange nut, mostly used in pipeline connections or need to increase the contact surface of the nut on the workpiece.

SS flange nut is used to distribute the pressure of the nut on the part to be fixed, thus reducing the possibility of damage to the part, and due to the uneven fastening surface and make it less likely to loosen.

Features of Our Stainless Steel Flange Nuts

No Cracking

Stainless steel Hex nuts with flash are much larger than ordinary hexagonal nuts in cold forming, and the specific factors of stainless steel material lead to slight cracking of the flange surface. When we order the material, we require a certain content of copper, the hardness is softer than the general stainless steel material, which will avoid the occurrence of cracking.

The Flange Diameter

Although the standard DIN 6923 only determines the maximum size of the flange, it does not determine the minimum diameter. The size of the diameter of the discs we produce is based on the intermediate tolerances required by the standard, and we do not save material by following the minimum tolerances.

With Serration or Not

The number of serration of stainless steel serrated nuts is based on the manufacturer’s production, usually with 24 serration. According to the requirements of customers, we also produce stainless steel hex nuts with flash without serration. it can increase more contact surface, stronger friction, not easy to loosen.

Stainless Steel Flange Nuts Advantages

First, SS flange nut structure is a wide flange at one end, equivalent to a one-piece washer, this structure will be able to distribute the pressure of the nut to the parts to be fixed, which in turn reduces the possibility of damage to the parts, and also not easy to be loosened because of the uneven tightening surface.

Second, SS flange nuts are serrated so that they can provide any kind of locking action and play the role of anti-loosening locking. The serrated flange nut with teeth has a special angle, which allows the direction of rotation of the nut principle, thus realizing the locking action, and this serration can not be used together with the washer, and can not be used on the surface with scratches.

Third, SS serrated flange nut can increase the surface contact area of the nut and the workpiece, compared with the combination of ordinary nuts plus washers, more solid and greater tension.

DIN6923 Stainless Steel Flange Nuts Size Chart

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