Stainless Steel Nuts

A2 (304), A4 (316), Stainless Steel Nuts

Stainless Steel Nuts produced as standard DIN934, DIN985,DIN6923,DIN6334,DIN6926, Material are SS304, SS316 or other nickel alloy.

Stainless Steel Nuts A2 Lock Nuts

304 316 Lock Nuts

304 316 nylock nuts as DIN 985 nylon insert lock nuts or DIN6926 nylon insert Flange lock nuts.
Stainless Steel A2 Coupling Nuts

SS Coupling Nuts

SS coupling nuts are long nuts with 3 x D length, produced by high quality hexagon bars. connect two threaded Rods.
Stainless Steel A2 SS Hex Nuts

A2 A4 Hex Nuts

Hex nuts A2 A4 produced as DIN934 or DIN439 standard, the grade A2-50 or A2-70.

SS Lifting Eye Nuts

Lifting eye SS nuts work together with stainless steel eye bolts for industrial construction.

SS304 Stainless Dome Nuts

DIN1587 SS304 dome nuts or round cap nuts, worked at the end of thread parts. Grade A2-70.

304 Flange Nuts

DIN 6923 304 flange nuts with serration, grade A2-70, work together with T- head screws for mounting system.

SS Slotted Nuts

SS304 SS316 castle nuts DIN 935, the slotted nuts locked on stainless steel screw by Cotter Pin.

A2 A4 Square Nuts

Square SS nuts DIN 557 with grade A2-70 Or A4-80. work together with allen socket cap screw for C-channel.

Types of Stainless Steel Nuts

DIN 557 square nuts with grade A2-70 or A4-80, made in ss 304 or 316. fixing the c-channle of mounting system with cap screws.

DIN934 hexagon SS nuts with metric thread, size from M3 to M56, Grade A2-70, A4-80. normal fixing together with hexagon bolts and screws.

DIN 935 slotted nuts, or called castle hex nuts, slotted ends are round or square, locked used cotter pin through thread parts with hole. material ss304 or ss316.

DIN 985 Lock nut, it is nylon insert hexagon nut with blue nylon ring. or called nyloc nut, size from M3 to M20. Grade A2-70 and A4-80.

DIN 1587 is hex nuts with round cap, called dome nuts, supply it with material SS304 and SS316. flat end to seal well for hydraulic channel ends.

DIN 6334 coupling nuts, or call connect nuts or long nuts. the length is 3 x diameter, grade A2-70 and A4-80. connect two full thread round rods.

DIN 6923 flange nuts with serration, grade A2-70 marked on the nuts, size from M3 to M24. each size are available from our stock.