DIN 933 A2

DIN 933 A2 is a specification for full-thread stainless steel screws in accordance with the DIN German standard. This all-thread stainless steel screw occupies an important position in the fastener market due to its unique characteristics and wide range of applications.

With the continuous progress of industrial technology and the increasing demand for high-quality fasteners in the European market, DIN933 A2 all-thread screws are becoming the preferred product in the industry due to their unique advantages and excellent performance.

As an expert in the stainless steel industry for more than 20 years, I have the honour to provide you with an in-depth explanation of the characteristics of this screw and the excellent services we offer.

DIN 933 A2-70 Stainless steel Hex Screws
DIN 933 A2-70 Stainless steel Hex Screws Full Thread

DIN933 A2-70 High Strength And Durability

DIN933 A2-70 Full Threaded Screws are renowned for their superior strength and durability.For the manufacture of DIN933 A2-70 Full Threaded Screws, we always insist on the use of high quality stainless steel materials.

The chemical composition is 100% compatible with the requirements of SS304 material, which not only possesses high strength, but also excellent corrosion resistance, and can maintain stable performance in a variety of harsh environments.

Our material selection standard, 100% stainless steel raw materials from China’s TOP1 and TOP2 manufacturers, manufacturers are ISO certified, and all kinds of stainless steel raw materials have been SGS third-party testing.

Such material selection ensures that DIN 933 A2-70 stainless steel screws are not easy to deform and break in the process of use, which greatly extends their service life.

DIN 933 A2-70 SS Screws
DIN 933 A2

Rational Thread Design For A More Secure Connection

In terms of thread design, DIN 933 A2 full-threaded screws also show their unique advantages. The comprehensive and uniform thread design enables the screw to fit more closely to the connected part when connecting, thus achieving a more stable connection.

This design not only increases the reliability of the connection, but also reduces the risk of loosening and dislodging.

For automated installations, we have chamfered the bottom thread of DIN 933 A2 screws to meet the requirements of automated installations.

DIN 933 A2-70 and DIN 934 Nuts
DIN 933 A2-70 Screws DIN 934 Nuts DIN125 Washers

DIN 933 304 Screws Precision Manufacturing Process

We use advanced manufacturing equipment and processes, including cold heading moulds and thread rolling moulds, all made in Taiwan, to ensure that each DIN933 A2 full thread screw meets the European market’s requirements for precision.

The turnover rate of our factory is less than 1% every year, and 75% of our factory workers have more than 10 years of production experience, which ensures the defective rate is less than 5 out of 10,000 per cent.

DIN 933 A2 Screws Fast Delivery Service

In order to meet the European market’s demand for high efficiency and speed, we have established a perfect production system and logistics network. Whether it is a regular order or an urgent order, we can complete the production and delivery in the shortest possible time to ensure that our customers can get the products they need in time.

For standard length stainless steel bolts DIN 933 A2, we have a large stock of these bolts, which can be packed and dispatched within 7 working days.

Good Value For Money

High quality does not mean high prices. Our DIN 933 A2 all-thread screws maintain high quality while focusing on cost-effectiveness.

By optimising production processes and reducing production costs, we have succeeded in keeping the price of our products within a reasonable range, enabling our customers to purchase quality products at more affordable prices.


DIN933 A2 All Thread Screws has become a leader in the stainless steel fasteners market due to its high quality materials, reasonable thread design, high precision and stable performance, as well as fast delivery and considerate service.

We believe that choosing our DIN933 A2 full thread screws will bring more reliable and stable connection effect for your project.

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