M6 Stainless Steel Nuts

M6 stainless steel nuts, with their precise inner diameter of 6MM and standard pitch of 1.0, are ideal for use with M6 stainless steel bolts or screws. Fasteners play a vital role in precision engineering and manufacturing.

In this article, we will bring you an in-depth understanding of the material classification of M6 stainless steel nuts, common types and their use with stainless steel bolts.

M6 stainless steel nuts are mainly categorized into A2 stainless steel nuts and A4 stainless steel nuts according to the different materials.

A2 stainless steel nut production material is stainless steel 304 (stainless steel 18-8), because the main chemical composition includes 8% nickel and 18% chromium, so the M6 stainless steel nut has good corrosion resistance in outdoor use.

A4 316 stainless steel nuts are produced from a higher grade of stainless steel 316, containing 10%-14% nickel, 16%-18.5% chromium and 2%-3% molybdenum, so 316 M6 nuts are excellent for use in high temperature and seawater equipment.

In the M6 nuts of the many types of appearance, the production process is different, a variety of different types of stainless steel nuts to meet the project on the fastening requirements of different, so below, we will detail several common types of M6 stainless steel nuts:

M6-1.0 Stainless Steel Nylon Insert Nuts

M6-1.0 stainless steel nylon insert nut is a special stainless steel fastener, M6 nut in the screw, the top of the blue nylon ring in the thread extrusion under the destruction of the nut bolt to produce a strong locking effect.

Stainless steel nylon insert nut in various industries in a wide range of applications, mainly due to its excellent anti-loosening, anti-vibration properties, as well as high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and other characteristics.

DIN 985 M6 Stainless Steel Nylon Lock Nuts

Acrorss Flat size:9.78-10.00mm

Hexagonal thickness:min 3.20mm

Overall height:4.70 5.00-mm

Weight per piece: 0.0024kgs

m6 stainless steel nyloc nuts size
m6 stainless steel nyloc nuts

M6-1.0 Stainless Steel Flange Nuts With Serration

M6-1.0 stainless steel flange nuts with serration are a kind of high-strength anti-loosening fasteners, which are characterized by a number of serrated protrusions on the flange surface.

These protrusions are able to fit tightly into the workpiece and, when installed in place, create a tooth impression on the workpiece, providing greater friction for a stronger connection.

DIN 6923 M8 Stainless Steel Flange Nut Dimensions

Hexagonal opposite side size: 9.78-10.00mm

Number of Serration:according to the actual production of the manufacturer.

Diameter of Flance:less than 14.20mm

Overall height:5.70-8.00mm

Weight per piece:0.0031kgs

m6 stainless steel flange nut size
m6 stainless steel flange nuts

M6-1.0 Stainless Steel Hex Nuts

The M6-1.0 Stainless Steel Hex Nut is a common standard type of nut with six angular surfaces that are easy to tighten with tools such as wrenches. With good versatility and interchangeability, these nuts are widely used in a variety of mechanical equipment, electronic products and building structures.

DIN 934 M6 Stainless Steel Nyloc Nut Dimensions

Hexagonal opposite side size: 9.78-10.00mm


Weight per piece: 0.0025kgs

m6 stainless steel hex nut size
m6 stainless steel hex nuts

M6-1.0 Stainless Steel Cap Nuts

M6-1.0 Stainless Steel Cap Nut is widely welcomed for its unique closure design. Its top cap design is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also protects the nut’s wire fastener from dust and impurities.

Because the M6 cap nut works on the male thread port, it can prevent the thread end from being exposed and can prevent scratching.

The verticality of M6 cap nut threads is very good, which can make the nut plane fit the working surface perfectly, and can effectively prevent leakage.

DIN 1587 M6 Stainless Steel Dome Nuts Dimensions

Cap dimension: Less than 9.50mm

Thread depth: 7.71-9.29mm

Hexagonal thickness:4.70-5.00mm

Overall height: less than 12.00mm

Weight per unit: 0.0046kgs

m6 stainless steel cap nuts size
m6 stainless steel cap nuts

M6 Stainless Steel Nut and Stainless Steel Bolt

M6 Stainless Steel Nuts and Stainless Steel Bolts are used together to form a strong and durable connection structure. Stainless steel bolts have high strength and excellent corrosion resistance, ensuring the long-term stable operation of the connected parts.

M6 stainless steel nut and bolt pitch and inner diameter matching, can provide stable preload and prevent loosening effect.

In conclusion, M6 stainless steel nuts have become an indispensable element in fastening engineering with their various types, excellent performance and wide range of applications.

Ding Fastener will provide customized M6 Stainless Steel Nut solutions according to your needs to ensure the safe and stable operation of your project.

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