What are Stainless steel M8 bolts?

Stainless steel M8 bolts are a kind of fasteners with mechanical teeth pattern which are made of stainless steel material, formed by cold heading machine using a complete set of molds, and then shaped by screw thread rolling machine.

M8 screw thread diameter is 8MM, and the pitch is 1.25. The screw length can be reached by cold heading according to the requirement.

304 and 316 M8 bolts can be divided into hexagonal head stainless steel M8 bolts, hexagonal cup head stainless steel bolts, hexagonal pan head stainless steel bolts, flange head stainless steel bolts, and of course there are also some bolts with non-standard head shapes, according to the different types of bolt heads.

The length of A2-70 and A4-80 M8 bolts refers to the actual length from the head of the bolt to the end of the thread, and according to the size of the M8 thread, the longest length of M8 stainless steel bolts is 100mm.

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Various Head Shapes Stainless Steel Bolts M8

Hexagon Head Stainless Steel M8 Bolts

DIN933 or DIN931 hexagonal head SS M8 bolts are the most common and widely used bolts, hexagonal head, the size of the opposite side of the bolt: 13MM, head thickness: 5.3MM.

DIN931 stainless steel M8 bolts
DIN933 stainless steel hexagonal bolts

Hexagon Socket Cup Head Stainless Steel M8 Bolts

DIN912 Hexagon socket cup head 304 and 316 M8 bolts are most widely used in machinery and equipment, the head diameter is 13mm, the head thickness is: 8MM Hexagonal depth is more than 4MM, the opposite side of the inner hexagon is 6MM.

DIN912 stainless steel bolts
ISO4762 ss screws

Hexagon Socket Pan Head Stainless Steel Bolts

ISO7380-1 hexagon socket pan head stainless steel bolts and ISO7380-2 hexagon socket pan head stainless steel bolts with washers, are two kinds of stainless steel screws with different head shapes.

 ISO7380-2 bolts are more stable because of the head with a washer, which is an integral part of the head, so the contact area is larger than that of ISO7980-1.

ISO7980-2 ss bolts
ISO7980-1 ss bolts

Flange Head Stainless Steel Bolts

DIN6921 flange head stainless steel bolts are hexagonal head bolts with flange face, head with teeth below, the role of the pointed teeth is to clamp into the surface of the workpiece when the bolt is tightened, anti-vibration performance is better than the general stainless steel bolts.

DIN6921 stainless steel flange bolts full thread
DIN6921 flange bolts with serration

Mill Test Report for M8 Stainless Steel Bolts

We test each batch of M8 ss bolts grade A2-70 or A4-80 according to the standard requirements of the product and the requirements of the customer’s order, and send the factory test certificate to the customer before shipment.

Our products also accept the third-party testing company’s testing, whether it is a regular program or environmental testing, we can fully cooperate with the third-party testing company’s requirements, provide actual samples sampling and other work.

The main testing items of stainless steel bolts include dimensions of each main part, head mark, thread length, through and end gauges, chemical composition, hardness and tensile strength.

The testing standard is in accordance with ISO898-1, and the number of sample tests is planned to be randomly selected according to 1% of the total number of each batch.

DIN933 M8 SGS report
ss bolt m8 sgs report

Use of M8 Bolts in Combination with Nuts and Fittings

In the case of fastening workpieces with pre-drilled holes (with internal thread M8), the M8 bolts can be used directly in the construction without the need for other fasteners such as ss nuts and spacers for the combination of installation.

In general, M8 stainless steel bolts are used in conjunction with M8 stainless steel nuts to fasten two or more workpieces. If there is a high demand for an anti-loosening environment, it is also necessary to add stainless steel spring washers and stainless steel flat washers.

In order to save the customer’s labor cost and construction effect, we also have stainless steel combination bolts, that is, in the production of stainless steel washers pre-installed in the head of the bolt under the head, will not fall off.

stainless steel M8 bolt kit
M8 stainless steel screws full thread

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